There are two chemistry poems in 21 Jump Street.  The first is read by Dax Flame.  The second by Channing Tatum.

Note, the titles are totally made up by me.  

My Assessment:
H-2-The-Virgin-HerO, by Dax Flame.

My favorite molecule is water.
I'd marry it,
unless it was my daughter.
It's solid form floats on its liquid form,
which makes it far outside the norm.
[the?] life to form on ancient mars,
but you use it to wash your cars.
H-Two-Oh!  H-Two-Oh!  H-Two-Oh!
[no one chants with him]
That's okay.
[sits down]

WE [should] KNOW KNO3, by Channing Tatum 

Potassium Nitrate
Don't hate.
It's great.
It can act as an oxidizer.
I didn't know that,
but now I'm wiser.
It has a crystalline structure.
If you can't respect that,
you're a butt-muncher.
It's a key ingredient in gunpowder.    
Don't give no grief!
It can be used to make corn beef.  
It's also known as saltpeter--
[visual of David Franco with pinata
prematurely terminates the saga
of the mango flower inducer Potassium Nitrate]

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